December 19, 2008 at 9:07 am (Poetry)

This poem is from the game Guild Wars

Wintersday has come
The Eye of the North opens
Let the merriment begin!

Decorations shine
Glittering like gemstone ice
A surge of warmth and color.

Candysmiths and quests
Among grentches and snowmen.
Thackeray knows a good time.

Grenth and Dwayna vie
For the power to control
The span of cold and darkness.

Make their contest yours
Choose a side: Grenth, or Dwayna
Snowballs as weapons of war.

Revel for rewards:
Tonics, bears, summoning stones.
Grow rich and fat on good cheer.

All are most welcome
At this year-end festival
Join with us, and celebrate.


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