Te-Sheng-Do UCC Contenders – August 14

August 18, 2011 at 7:17 pm (Sports)

By Dean Parr
This Sunday, Ultimate Cage Championships will present their second ‘Contenders’ event at Edgeley Park, Stockport. Currently, two Professional fights top the bill, which see the respective returns of Billy Glossop and Lloyd Harrop, who both will be partaking in their first contests since November.
In the standout Amateur fight on the bill Mike Castell of Hyde MMA will take on the aggressive Mark Halford for the UCC Amateur Lightweight Title.

U70kg: Lloyd Harrop (Marksman MMA) vs. Nathan Thompson (Independent)
U77kg: Billy Glossop (Hyde MMA) vs. Ste Winder (Te Sheng Do – Newton Heath)

Amateur NSAC
U70kg Title Fight: Mike Castell (Hyde MMA) vs. Mark Halford (Northern Structure MMA)
U61kg: Ben Royle (Hyde MMA) vs. Daniel Every (Independent)
U91kg: Chris Phythian (Hyde MMA) vs. Luke Ryder (Te Sheng Do – Newton Heath)
U62kg: Mark Morris (Hyde MMA) vs. Josh Serrio (Independent)
U84kg: Jim Ratcliffe (Hyde MMA) vs. Liam Burke (Te Sheng Do – Newton Heath)
U66kg: Wes Campbell (Wolfslair) vs. Simon Home (12 Gauge MMA)
U74kg: Lloyd Cooper (Next Gen MMA) vs. Joel DeVent (Frontline MMA)
U72kg: Adam Syme (12 Gauge MMA) vs. Gaz Sykes (Wolfslair)

This win takes ‘Our Kid’ to 3-2 as a Professional, while Winder, the trainer at Te Sheng Do, Newton Heath, drops to 0-2 after his first fight since 2007.

Chris Phythian started well against Te Sheng Do’s Luke Ryder, implementing some good strikes and landing a successful takedown. However, the taller Ryder swept Phythian, ending up in mount. Despite a spirited effort from Hyde MMA’s Phythian to stay in the bout and Ryder looking more tired as the session went on, the fight was eventually stopped after 3:30, giving Ryder a debut victory, and dropping Chris to 0-2 at Semi Pro.



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