Something About Gender

March 5, 2014 at 9:47 am (Poetry)

This would be how I feel most of the time.
Apart from with my family, who just see me as me.

Something About Gender

I’m not a girl
Because according to everyone else I’m unable to be one
Because girls are supposed to be spineless
Supposed to be weak
Supposed to be small
Supposed to be quiet

So I must be a boy
Because that’s what the world sees in me
It sees courage
It sees passion
It sees anger
It sees a swinging crowbar

But I can’t be a boy
Because according to everyone else I’m not male
Because I have breasts
I have ovaries
I have a uterus
I have a vagina

So I’m not a girl
But I’m not a boy
I’m too rough but I’m soft
I kick up my heels but sometimes I wear heels
I wear rings but sometimes they’re worn on a fist
I sit slouched with my legs open and a knife in my hand

But I’m not a tranny
But I respond to “woman”
And I respond to “boy”
And I can be called “he” and “she” and answer to both
Because I don’t know which one I should answer to
Because apparently neither apply


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