About Me

RoseKing-smallI work in IT… I enjoy computers, web design, graphic design and games. Games that let you do the stuff that the Law says ‘NO’ to… For example Counter Strike… Guild Wars… Command and Conquer… Dungeons and Dragons… Runes of Magic… Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction… Diablo 3… Torchlight… Torchlight 2… Doom (if it would play)…

One day when I find a picture of me I like I might just add it. For now I’m sorry there isn’t one 🙂 Well there you go, its a photo of me… I don’t like it, but there again I don’t like any photo of me… (April 2007)…
This is a better picture of me, well in my opinion it is better… It was taken for my staff ID in September 2012…


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