Septimus Heap

August 28, 2012 at 9:53 pm (Books)

Magyk, the first bookBook description – A baby girl is rescued from a snowy path in the woods. A baby boy is stillborn. A young Queen is taken ill. An ExtraOrdinary Wizard mysteriously resigns from his post. And all on the same night. A string of events, seemingly unconnected, begins to converge ten years later, when the Heap family receive a knock at the door. The evil Necromancer DomDaniel is plotting his comeback and a Major Obstacle resides in the Heap family. Life as they know is about to change, and the most fantastically fast-paced adventure of confused identities, magyk and mayhem, begin.

Septimus Heap is the main character in a series of books. The series is not finished yet. The books may have a long list of chapters, but they are all fairly short and are easy to read. The only problem I have with these books in the inability to put them down. The Heap family is full of characters and each one is worth getting to know (in my opinion). I know that the books are made for teenagers, but that doesn’t stop them from being an excellent read.


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